Categories and Rankings for Slow Riding

Share by Mobilians on Bikes, advocates for slow bicycling.

Slow riding is oh so more sophisticated and civilized.  Try your best not to sweat and instead practice moseying about.  Rushing too much is for the birds.  MOB now has our own set of rankings for aspiring members. If you ride:

  • 14-16 mph – You are ranked as “Inexperienced.” You probably are a refugee from a “normal” bicycle club. We will have training rides for you, complete with an instructor, to make sure you go no faster than 16 mph, even down hill. And we will try to edge you down to a less radical 10 mph.
  • 12-14 mph – You are a “Speed Challenged.” You’ve got the idea, but are still a bit heavy on the pedals. We’ll continue working with you.
  • 10-12 mph – You are a “Gear Banger.” You’ve probably gotten your beats per minute down to the recommended 60 or so, the most efficient, but you still are in too high a gear. Just remember, small is beautiful. Third gear is better than fourth.
  • 8-10 mph – You are “Blessed.” This is where it is at. Strive for the low end of the range.
  • 6-8 mph – You have achieved “Professional” status. It takes a lot of coordination, but very little energy, to ride a bicycle at 6 mph.
  • 4-6 mph – You are judged “Guru.” You probably contemplate ending world hunger as you amble along, enriching yourself with the sights, sounds, and smells of the world you live in.

2 thoughts on “Categories and Rankings for Slow Riding

  1. I have been searching for a bike club just like yours for some time now. Please notify me of any emails that you may be sending out. Will be joining you soon.

    • Hi Debby, Glad you’ve found us and hope you’ll join us for a ride soon. We don’t have an email list, but if you’d like to receive email notices about new postings on this site, just “follow” or subscribe to this blog. You can also find us as a Facebook group and on Twitter. Happy Bicycling! – molly p.

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