• Where?      Baldwin County, Alabama’s Eastern Shore Area
  • Who?         All that like to bicycle in an easy, slow, and social pace.
  • When?      Periodic rides are posted on this webpage and on the Group’s   Facebook page
  • Why?        Inspired by Copenhagen’s Slow Bicycle Movement, Chicago’s Slow Bicycle Society, and Mobilian’s on Bikes – this group aspires to promote bicycling on the Eastern Shore as a means of leisure entertainment, social interaction, and viable transportation.  No spandex needed!

email us:  SlowBicycleSocietyES@gmail.com

Slow Bicycle Society on the Eastern ShoreFind us on Facebook on our Group page, Slow Bicycle Society on the Eastern Shore

  Find us on Twitter as SlowbicycleES


4 thoughts on “About

  1. YAY! I’m so happy to have found you guys, thanks to the recommendation of the guys at The Bike Shop in Foley. I’m hoping to be able to come ride on Sunday afternoons and some friday evenings as my schedule allows. Hope to meet you all very soon!

  2. hello, I am Brazilian and I am living in Spanish Fort 3 months ago … stay here until November and would love to take rides with the group. Over the weekend I found the trail in Fairhope with my husband and we ride, it was very good … I would be very happy to take trips with you. In my hometown, Vitória, Brazil, had a group of slow bicycles. hugs

  3. New to bicycling myself. Definitely psyched about locating you guys & gals ! I reside in Mobile and your group seems perfect to join. I am a 51 year male in decent shape wishing to find a group I could keep up with. Lol ! Please keep me in the loop on your upcoming rides.

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