July 2017 and the Riding is Easy!

July Rides will be very casual and impromptu as many of the regular riders will be out of town.  With the exception of Saturday, July 1, scheduled rides will not be posted again until August.  However, anyone wishing to ride is welcome to post a ride on Facebook to invite others.  Just list a location and meet time asking any available riders to join in!  If you are not a Facebook subscriber, email Valerie at vpstickney@yahoo.com and your information will be posted on Facebook as well as WordPress.

Saturday, July 1 Magnolia Springs Ride – 9:00 A.M.

 Directions:  From  Magnolia Springs Shell station on U.S. 98 drive south 2.9 miles on CR 49 and turn right on CR 26, West.   Drive 2.4 miles to the Vernant Baptist Church down a driveway on the right.  Meet at 9 a.m.    We’ll ride to take glimpses of the Magnolia River, Weeks Bay at Bay Shore estates, and Mobile Bay at Sunset Shore estates.   Riders have an option to return to the car after 8 miles, or go on a second loop to Sunset Shore for a total of 14 miles.    Long gradual slopes through woodlands and horse and longhorn cattle ranches are included on this ride.    We are riding on country roads, not bike paths. Bring water and blinky lights. Helmets are suggested.



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