Bicycle Times in Fairhope


Approachable and fun bicycle in Fairhope, AL

Yesterday, while grabbing a hot coffee at Page & Palette in downtown Fairhope, I also picked up issue #21 of Bicycle Times.  It’s a fun little magazine that features interesting stories and ads for commuters and touring cyclists.  The following quote is from “Bikes to the Rescue,” an article about the use of bikes in the post-disaster areas affected in October by Hurricane Sandy.

” ‘Bikes offer great opportunities to build community.  People are approachable on bikes and they are a great social equalizer.  When neighborhoods are on bikes, people seem to talk and interact more.  They have a shared experience that’s deeper and richer than being cooped up inside a steel cage.’ In that sense, bicycles can help knit a community together, disaster or no.”

Just loved that and wanted to share, because it’s so true.  When riding my bike in town, I get stopped so often by visitors asking for directions to a certain restaurant, hotel, or to the pier.  I see friends who wave and chat.  Being “approachable” and accessible while on a bike makes me feel in tune with the neighborhood, the way being in a car never will.


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