Bicycle Planning: The next 25 years in Baldwin County

UPDATE:  CLICK HERE to see newspaper article on this topic, published 9-11-12 in the Fairhope Courier.

If you love biking and walking on the beautiful Easter Shore, show your support for Bike-Ped Planning on Wednesday morning in Daphne.

Bicyclists, pedestrians,

and alternative transportation advocates:

Your voice is needed.

The Eastern Shore MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) is seeking public comment on a very important Work Program.  The Work Program outlines the process of developing, over the next 2 years, the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) that will guide the development of and spending on transportation infrastructure for the next 25 years in the Planning Area that includes Spanish Fort, Daphne, Loxley, and Fairhope.

There are many great features of the Work Program that support transportation options for all users.  Some of those include the adoption of Complete Streets concepts, the promotion of bike-ped programs and projects, and support for Safe Routes to Schools programs.  There is, however, concern that the Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee for the MPO, under the presented Work Program draft, will not be created until “late 2013 or 2014” while the LRTP will begin to be drafted “beginning in late Spring 2013”  (p.3 and p.27 of Work Program draft).

Bicycle and pedestrian needs should be integrated into the Plan and development of the Plan should include, from the beginning, a committee charged with advising on these important issues. –   Molly Peterson

Even if you don’t wish to comment, your presence at the public meeting will speak volumes as to your interest and support for Bicycle-Pedestrian Planning.  The meeting is Wednesday, Sept. 12th at 10:00 a.m. at Daphne City Hall.

The full Work Program draft and addition info on the MPO can be found on their website, .  The MPO is requesting public input on the draft.  To do so, CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Public Comments Form, which is due by September 11th.


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