The Bicycle Riddle

Hey, diddle diddle

The bicycle riddle.

The strangest part of the deal –

     Just keep your accounts

     And add the amounts .

The sundries cost more than the wheel.
              Anonymous Poem, 1896

Ordered and on its way to Molly's bike!

I found this great old riddle while reading Just Ride by Grant Petersen, who was in Fairhope last weekend for a book signing and to participate in the “Good Life Ride to Lulu’s.”   It goes great with a Pintrest link I saw on Twitter this week too that illustrates a number of nice, cycle chic, accessories.  (See here.) I even ordered one of the great PoCampo panniers, pictured .  Now I’m off to my local bike shop to pick up another “goodie” for my daughter’s bicycle.

“…a bicycle with no accessories

 is not as good as it can be.”

– Grant Petersen, Just Ride

Are you riding to work or school next week? If so, share your adventures with us.  Leave a comment or send an email and we’ll share stories next week.  Include photos if you’d like.


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