Historic Homes Tour by Bike

Fairhope Historic Homes Tour

by Bike

Sunday, April 29th

1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

 The Slow Bicycle Society on the Eastern Shore will enjoy the 2012 Fairhope Historic Homes Tour by bike.    We will begin our bicycling tour of the five showcase homes at 1:00 p.m. at our usual meeting place at the Fairhope Pier, just south of the rose garden.  The route will be approximately 6 miles long and at a very slow, casual pace.  The route begins with a hilly climb up the Fairhope Avenue bluff, but is otherwise a moderate ride, appropriate for all bicyclists.  We will be riding on sidewalks and some city side-streets.   We will need to park and secure our bicycles in various locations in order to tour the different homes, so feel free to bring a bicycle lock if you’d like.  We will plan on a post-ride picnic at the pier and will include a “snack stop” in the route for those wishing to pickup provisions.

This is a ticketed event organized by another entity.  Tickets will be on sale ahead of time at Page and Palette and Green Gates Market in Fairhope for $10 each and will also be available at each home for $15 on the day of the event.  All proceeds go to promote historical preservation in the Fairhope Community, not to the Slow Bicycle Society.


2 thoughts on “Historic Homes Tour by Bike

  1. I am moving to Fairhope next summer and I can’t wait. Slow Bicycle Society is something I would really love to be apart of:)

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