November Tammany Trace Ride

We are planning an Out-of-State ride the weekend of November 12th along the Tammany Trace in Louisiana.  It is a very flat, multi-use Rail-Trail in the “Northshore” area, all north of New Orleans.  It runs from Slidell, through Mandeville and Abita Springs, and ends in Covington.

Some will overnight in the Slidell/Mandeville area.  Some will just come over for Saturday’s ride. Here are some of the details… Hope you can join us!

Saturday’s ride will begin at 10:30 a.m. at the Thompson Road Trailhead (see map HERE).  The official start is late morning to accomodate those who will travel over on Saturday morning.  (For those staying over on Friday and/or Saturday night, we’ll plan additional rides – if wanted.)  By 10:30 a.m., we will already have in place a “shuttle van” at the day’s end trailhead, at Kustenmaker in Abita Springs.  Please contact Molly if you would like to share a ride in the “Shuttle” from the ride’s end (Abita Spring) back to the Thompson Road location at the day’s end.  The one van will accomodate up to 6 drivers, so let her know who’s interested.  Others will wait at the Abita Springs location with the bikes, and the drivers will come back to get ‘cha!  There’s a great little beer pub right on the trail for “refreshments” while you wait (see pub website and menu HERE).

The first leg of the route, beginning at Thompson Road Trailhead, will be 15 miles to the Mandeville Trailhead.  We’ll take our time, stopping along the way as needed to rest & refresh.  Bring plenty of water and some snacks.  This 15 mile leg will probably take 2 1/2 hours.  Once we get to Mandeville, we’ll find a lunch location (there are several options near the trailhead or picnic, if you like).  We’ll take a ride down to Lake Pontchartrain (about 5 blocks from the trailhead), where there’s a nice, short paved lakeside trail.

After lunch and our lakeside ride, we’ll continue along the Trace heading north toward the Caboose Trailhead, then on to Abita Springs.  That will be another 8.5 miles after lunch, for a total of 24 miles or so for the day.  That should bring us close to dark, with the end of Daylight Savings Time the previous weekend.

NOTES:  Make sure that you bring along a spare tube that fits your bike.  We’ll have some tools for changing a flat and a hand airpump – just in case.  Have some ID on you and/or your bike.  I’ve been on this trial twice and felt very safe, but you might consider a locking device for you bike (especially if you’re leaving it on your vehicle overnight) and a helmet, if that makes you feel comfortable & safe.

There are hotels at the Slidell exit 80, off Interstate 12. (I’m staying at this exit Friday & Saturday nights – it’s the closest to the Thompson Road Trailhead where we start on Saturday and there’s a big mall right there too.)  Hotels also in Mandeville and Covington.  B & B’s in the area too.

On Sunday morning, for those who are interested, we’ll do a ride from Abita Springs in to Covington, where the trail ends.  We’ll do this as an “out-and-back” trip which will only be 7 miles total, so no shuttle will be needed.

Please feel free to ride at your own pace during this trip.  Some will want to ride faster and stop less often, which is great.  I will be riding slowly and stopping often, so any really slow riders can stick with me!   Feel free also, to make alternate plans for shuttling if you want to ride further, or less than this group ride details.  Let’s have fun and enjoy the Fall weather!

If you have questions or concerns, you can comment on this page, or on the Facebook page for our Slow Bicycle Society on the Eastern Shore.


3 thoughts on “November Tammany Trace Ride

  1. In case anyone else is trying to figure out where the Thompson Trailhead is, I think it’s also known as the Slidell/Carollo Trailhead.

    SLIDELL / Carollo
    2289 Hwy. 190
    Slidell, LA 70460 ~ 985.781.1229

    Molly, if I am incorrect on this, please let me know. We’re staying in Baton Rouge with my family and are trying to route out our trip for the weekend.

    • Yes, you are correct. It is the eastern most trailhead on the trail map. The trail actually extends east another 1/4 mile or so, but the Slidell/Carollo Trailhead is where we will begin our ride on Saturday morning, 10:30 a.m. The is good parking there and a restroom. Glad you double checked. See you there!

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